Tribal Stomp Chicago

Autumn Tribal Stomp 2018


autumn tribal stomp 2018

Join us for our Fall event honoring the Wisdom of the Crone!

We are excited to have the incredible tribal rock trio from Cleveland, Burning Sage! With masterful drums and percussion, driving guitar and haunting shamanic vocals, these women will mesmerize you and rock you hard! 

Burning Sage will be joined onstage by the spooky dance duo Sine Metu, aka Piper and Neta, one of the featured acts of the Beast Women shows! 

Outside we will have dance and drums with the performers of She-Wolf and fire performance by Narogi, aka Nancy Gibbons!

We will have our usual bonfire, drum jam, healers and vendors!

Fill out this form if you wish to Volunteer in exchange for admission.

Mankind Project
1900 W. Fulton St
Doors open at 6:00
Fire lit and drum jam starts at 7:00 pm
8:30 She Wolf
9:00 Narogi
9:30 Burning Sage w Sine Metu

$20 Advanced tickets, $25 at the door
Children 12 and under free
All ages!



Burning Sage

Since 2002, Burning Sage was birthed through its founding members via the songwriting of Lin Sanders and the rhythm of Sue Balaschak. They have combined their artistry performing as hard rock power trio, an acoustic duo, The Primal Rhythm Drum Ensemble and again, full circle, into an eclectic tribal/world rock band. 

Also joining the founding members, is Dawn Fritz Heartsong, who ornaments the songs through her artistry with accoutrements and hand drums. Through the years, the common word heard to describe this band is "Intense''. They continue to deliver "True to Form."

sine metu.jpg

Sine metu

Sine Metu is a collaborative dance effort from the Chicagoland area, founded in 2011 by Piper and Neta. Sine Metu, the Jameson family motto, means “Without Fear,” The concept is to provide a dance construct within which to push oneself against one’s comfort boundaries. Dance the piece to the controversial song, with the taboo subject, or the personal story. Acknowledge your inner goddess, but give voice to your inner demon(s). Be comfortable being uncomfortable.


She Wolf

SheWolf is a new paradigm global purpose movement to venerate the embodied feminine soul. Created by Julie Brannen in 2017, SheWolf is a result of 5 years of personal, collective phenomenological research + creative process. Our mission is to raise consciousness, summon instinctual nature, claim sovereign knowing, ignite passion + invoke desire, enliven health + healing, + thrive in creative power. SheWolf consists of two branches of work: Roots + Wings. Roots are a Chicago based interdisciplinary arts company centered around performance as therapy and the healing arts. Wings are a global online platform, Sacred Primal Medicine, for trainings, mentoring programs, and live events.



Narogi (Nancy R Gibbons) has been involved in dance and movement most of her life. From various types of dance to teaching yoga, she believes in connecting the mind and body. Peace and happiness can be expressed and shared through movement. Trained in classical baton twirling from a young age, she picked up fire spinning years ago in high school. Her love of spinning fire has grown over time. In addition to batons, she now uses other fire props, including fans and palm torches. She loves to perform at events that bring joy to the community and share her love of fire!



Laura González

Laura Gonzalez is a resident Bruja and professional Tarotologist. Originally from Mexico, Laura came to the United States over 19 years ago, moving to the Chicago area, where she has built a loyal fan base among both Pagans and local community members. 

Born in Mexico City, she is a practitioner of traditional Mexican folk magic, Native Philosophies, North American Paganism, and the Goddess Tradition. 

A natural-born witch and psychic, Laura discovered her abilities at very early age, sometimes at the apprehension of those around her. In addition to her work as a natural psychic and Tarotologist, she also does consulting with a variety of deck types, including Spanish cards and Oracle deck cards.


Richelle Bolin

As a Usui Reiki Practitioner and Energy Worker for the last several years, Richelle Bolin believes massage therapy to be a natural extension of energy work. Forming the perfect bridge between the two, CranioSacral Therapy is a light touch modality that interfaces with the craniosacral system, the soft tissue and fluid that protect your brain and spinal cord. Through life stresses and injuries, this system can be adversely affected, thereby affecting every other system in the body. These tensions can be released so that that body can heal itself.

She is a graduate of Academic Excellence in an intensive 750 hour program at Cortiva Institute - Chicago School of Massage Therapy, as well as trained in Craniosacral Therapy through the international Upledger Organization. By utilizing circulatory work, Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Craniosacral and other clinical techniques, with the energy work, new levels of health a wellness can be reached. She is a member and insured though AMTA (American Massage Therapy Association), a Medallion member with IAHP (International Association of Healthcare Practitioners).Richelle has her bodywork practice at Blu Rain Massage in Antioch, IL. She considers herself an aspiring modern "medicine woman," as her style tends to be shamanic in nature.

Gathering visions (Lisa Nomikos Energy Art)

Lisa is an intuitive artist. She creates soul vision aura portraits which are channeled, abstract imprints of a person’s energetic self, using watercolors, colored pencils and glitter glue. She also offers photo and canvas prints of her shamanic, energy art.


Lisa Gniady

Lisa Gniady is an intuitive author and channel that offers readings and clearings to help you move forward in life in a more happy and harmonious manner. She offers yoga and meditation classes, retreats, and has co-created a number of inspirational tools with her business partner Lisa Nomikos, including Soul Reflection Inspirational Oracle cards, Believe In Affirmation Cards, Clarity of Life Card Decks and her newest, the Lemurian Code Card Deck. 


I Am Life Coaching

Sonia Illescas is a fifth generation intuitive channel and healer. She offers angel healings and readings, energy clearings, life coaching, meditation classes and angel inspirational products which include aura clearing sprays and abundance sprays. Sonia routinely works as a team with Lisa Nomikos and Lisa Gniady, as a trifecta healing team to help people live a more happy and harmonious existence. 



Horror floral

Horror Floral is handmade art pieces of dark decor with creepy creations and a floral flourish for all of those lost souls who think the macabre is not just for Halloween. They not only have pre-made devilish delights, but also are available for custom work if you have a specific ghoulish itch that needs scratching. So stop by to say hi and see if anything catches your eye… (evil laughter) .

Garden gypsy collective

Crystals, handmade jewelry, botanicals & fairy collectibles.


Be Juice’D

Be Juice’d will provide healthy drinks and food for Tribal Stomp, including smoothies, pierogies, and other treats. We are not only a juice shop but also a place of mindfulness and good feelings. We are passionate about leaving a positive footprint in the community. 

Be Healthy, Happy, Creative...Be Juice'D!


Kell Leather Craft

Handmade leather work and hide drums