Tribal Stomp Chicago

Summer Festival 2018




Saturday, August 4. 1-11pm.

Mankind Project 1900 W. Fulton

Tickets: $25 in advance/$30 at the door (Evening Only 6-11pm).

$35 in advance/$40 at the door (Full Festival)

Kids 12 and under are free.

All ages, alcohol free.

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doors open at 1pm

Daytime Activities


1:30 - 2:30 Sound Journey and gong bath with Jane Justice

2:30-3:15 Movement therapy workshop with christina Fontenelle

3:15-4:00 hoop dance workshop with audrey Herrington

4:00-5:00 One Tribe Global Fusion Dance Workshop with Sirène de paradis 



1:30- 2:30 Performance by Flutopia

2:30-3:30 Performance by Beehive Tribe

3:30-4:30 Performance by African Fusion dance project

4:30-6 African Drum and Dance Workshop with jen halman and african fusion dance project


Outdoor alcove

1:30-2:30 Women's creative ritual workshop with erin stardust

2:30-3:30 Zodiac dance workshop with radia ali


Evening Activities

6:30-8:00 open drum circle

8:00 performance by Randy granger featuring Sirène De Paradis

9:15 Fire performance by radia ali

9:30 performance by Ananda Lila Kirtan featuring audrey herrington

Evening performers



Randy Granger fuses ancient Native American and world flutes, world percussion, vocals, guitar and the ethereal and mesmerizing Handpans into a “Southwest World” style of music. His music is heard worldwide and on NPR, All Things Considered, PBS, Hearts of Space, Sirius Soundscape, IHeartRadio, Pandora, Youtube (1.8 Million views) and on podcasts and radio. A regular in-studio guest on radio and TV he has been the subject of many print articles, interviews and programs. Randy’s music has won and been nominated for several music industry awards as well as the Native American Music Awards (NAMMYS), Indian Summer Music Awards (ISMA), NM Music Awards and others. He has performed, headlined and taught at the Heard Museum, Sweetgrass School and Festival, RNAFF, INAFA, Zion Canyon flute fest, Yosemite, Tribal Stomp, Flutequest, Native Rhythms, Musical Echoes, Casa Grande, Voyager, Indian Summer, Sundance Film Festival, Handpangea, Gathering of Nations, Santa Fe Indian Market, New Mexico State Fair, Albuquerque Folk Festival, Salt Lake Fringe Fest, San Diego Fringe Fest, World of Faeries Fest and festivals around the U.S.


Sirène De Paradis

Sirène De Paradis (Diane Berrios) is a international performing artist/educator born and raised in Chicago,IL. For the past 17 years, her passion stemming from her Afro/Latin Caribbean dance roots paved a unique path of performance and education with travels throughout the North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Her cultural depiction through performing arts, workshops and costume design is showcased through her label, Chi-Caribena Designs (

In recent years, she has evolved as a story teller. As a self-proclaimed elemental fusion dancer, Sirène now uses water, fire, air, and earth as props for her dance pieces. Some of Sirène’s highlighted performances and workshops include: The Chosen Few House Festival, Envision Festival, Burning Man, Winter Music Conference (Miami), Trinidad Caribbean Carnival, House of Blues with singer Peven Everett(Gorillaz), and NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly.


Radia Ali

Radia Ali ( Nomadica) has a dance background that includes classical Kathak training, Turkish and Asian Tribal dance, Samba, Flamenco, Tango and Salsa. She incorporates silk veils as well as fire props into her acts. She is also a fire performer and organizer at the Chicago Full Moon Jam. Her true passion is fusion choreography, and Radia is always ready for a new challenge to improvise with diverse musicians. Her movements call on the rhythms of the cultures she has been raised in or moved through. Her mission is to light a spark in your soul, and leave you wanting to explore the world through dance!


ananda lila

Ananda Lila is a family of musicians who love to weave ancient chants from different traditions with newly birthed sacred songs. To offer healing grounding soundscape for opening hearts and voices. To be timeless, primal or ancient, yet fresh and contemporary. To join together with the intension of moving into silence, transformation and freedom. To meditate and celebrate!!

As lovers of universal oneness, Ananda Lila's sound is inspired by the wisdom of many traditions including: meditative practice of the Buddha, remembrance of divine from the Gita, ecstatic passion of the Sufis, dream space of shamanism, and dancing moving meditation from Osho. Ananda Lila's soundscape features: accordion, violin, flute and clarinet, world music rhythms, and transcendent voices, creating a Sufi kirtan with gypsy grooves; blending East & Native Indian sounds with klezmer, ambient and folk flavors.

With a grateful heart, Shanti Wendy Warnimont, Ananda Lila's muse, catalyzes and creates sacred sound and mindful music experiences in the Midwest since 2010 at places such as: Kirtan Festival Milwaukee, The Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple, Yoga Now Chicago, Yoga Effect, Bodhi Spiritual Center, The Theosophical Society, Life Force Arts Center. Ananda Lila is excited to be playing at the upcoming 2018 Midwest Yoga and Kirtan Fest.

Members include: Shanti Wendy Warnimont: Vocals, Accordion, Guitar, Mandolin • Kellyann Binkowski: Flutes, Vocals, Clarinet • Michi Regier: Violin • Mitchellini Avi: Guitar • Aaron Hermann: Bass • Tosho Chakarov (ArtTeo): World Percussion.

More info: and


Audrey herrington (Audworld)

A dancer by nature and by nurture, Audrey has studied several classical dance disciplines since childhood, and her curiosity and love for movement means she's always blending and fusing various genres into her repertoire. A captivating presence and amorphous style, shows her love for movement, illuminating an atmosphere of healing. A dancer of hula hoops, silk veils, fans, and fire allows inspired movements, sure to entertain and heal your spirit. Through dance, Audrey reads the dynamics of a space, running the energy through her, and resetting the energetic field. Transforming, she brings in new codes to alchemize the space with presence and reflection.


daytime performers



African fusion dance project is a collaboration of traditional dance and drumming artists who perform exhilarating dance to the drums of West Africa.



beehive tribe

beehive tribe is an evolving collaboration of musicians dedicated to exploring the hidden soundscapes of spirit. An offshoot of Jason Winslade's musical project, secrets of the beehive, the beehive tribe focuses on improvisation, subtle sounds and unconventional percussion.



dennis Frederick's Flutopiawill take you on a sound journey with Native American flute and percussion. Dennis Frederick has played his flutes at many festivals and events including Chi Ka Go, Ecstatic Dance, Consciousness Rising, 1000 Goddess Gathering, Bims Birthday Bash, Michigan Peace Fest, Darkening of The Sun Fest, Be Juice'd and more.







sound journey and gong bath with jane justice (1:30-2:30)

Jane's sound journey supports you to release pain, anxiety and stress, conditioned thought patterns, and stuck emotions, shifting into a deeply relaxed state where spontaneous healing can occur. The time may include guided meditation, vibrational sound therapy (using gongs, chimes, drums, bells, crystal & Himalayan singing bowls, flutes, shakers, etc), Reiki energy healing, aromatherapy, and more!

Jane's calming voice, in combination with these healing instruments is deeply transporting. The voice, singing bowls and other instruments, have been known to calm the mind, release tension, and positively effect the central nervous system. Used with sacred intention, they heal the spirit and raise consciousness. Everyone’s experience is unique. Many find this meditation relaxing, rejuvenating, and even transporting to a place of peace that is hard to access otherwise.


creative rituALS for women WITH ERIN STARDUST (1:30-2:30)

Together let’s build a foundation for personal regular ritual practice. Create yourself as an embodied woman with reason and will. Tell us your story from preconception through the present or what you hope for the future. In woman only space we are included automatically, not fighting for a place or for our voices to be heard. A woman’s path to wholeness is within herself and her consensual connection to all around her. We will be working with the elements in relation to the Egyptian notion of the creation of the universe and earth, air, fire and water. Looking to “the goddess as a therapeutic metaphor” we will strive to bring ourselves to the knowledge of our higher self. To purify, strengthen and develop the qualities and powers united with the divine within us. Seshat, the bird soul in the heart of every woman. In her earthly form she writes the life of all things on the Tree of Life, bringing knowledge, the Mistress of Magic. You may take what you learn from our practice here and work with any goddess or symbology that speaks to you in your personal rituals. Please bring your favorite treat or non alcoholic drink to share amongst the group as we share in feminine communion. note: this workshop is open to female-identified persons.

Erin Stardust is a licensed massage therapist with a masters degree in Wholistic Wellness and Herbology. She holds numerous certifications in hands on and energetic healing and is a trained Midwifery Assistant, Lactation consultant, birth and postpartum Doula. The majority of her work over the past 10 years has focused on women's health, pelvic pain, fertility and Postpartum recovery. erin has enjoyed creating many rituals for herself and others including mother blessings and baby welcoming and couples commitment ceremonies. Erin is one of the co-organizers of tribal stomp chicago along with her partner, Jason Winslade, WITH WHOM SHE HAS CO-FACILITATeD WORKSHOPS ON CONSENT AND SEXUALITY.


movement therapy with christina fontenelle (2:30-3:15)

Christina E. Fontenelle is an Afro-Latina that works from an Expressive Arts Multi-Modal approach. She has professional dance experience, writes poetry, performs spoken word and has experience in drama/acting. She integrates all of her art interests within her Art & Dance/Movement Therapy practice. She attained her Masters of Arts in Art Therapy from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) known as one of the most influential programs in North America and internationally. Christina has been accepted into the 92Y Harkness Dance Center’s Alternate Route Dance/Movement Therapy program in New York. She is in the process of becoming a Registered Dance/Movement Therapist.

She uses the multi-modal approach to provide a safe, non-judgmental setting to facilitate personal growth and healing. This process fosters release, self-understanding, insight and awakens creativity and transpersonal states of consciousness. in this workshop, christina will be dancing to a song that demonstrates the varying levels of expression without words.


zodiac dance with radia ali (2:30-3:30)

The “Zodiac Elements” workshop will match movement to the Elements, and guide your body to connect with Earth, Water, Air and Fire through music. Each element will have its own flow, and Radia will guide you through them with a fusion of simple dance moves from different cultures.


Hoop dance with audrey herrington (3:15-4:00)

Circles! Flow! Kinetic energy! With hula hoops we will learn the basis of hoop dance; the hoop as our dance partner, and tool for dropping into the flow-state. The goal of this class is to build a solid foundation of tricks to extrapolate upon, within one's own practice. Experience the hula hoop as a doorway into new pathways of movement!



one Tribe Global Fusion Dance Class with Sirène De Paradis (4:00-5:00)

Dance around the globe in just 1 hour! Join Sirène De Paradis in this high energy dance experience as she introduces you to a variety of music and dance forms from around the world.


drum and dance workshop with jen halman and african fusion dance project (4:30-6:00)

African Fusion Dance Project will energize you with the sounds of traditional Rhythms from the countries of Guinea, Mali, Senegal, and the Ivory Coast. The Project's drummers and dancers will perform seduction, full moon, and celebratory dances. During the workshop, learn how to play the traditional Rhythms of Tiriba, Soli and Kuku on the djembe as well as the choreography! Express yourself and move to the beat of the drum!




Rebecca Jane Justice is a Vibrational Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, & Numerologist, who has been honing her crafts for over a decade. After recovering from 2 near-death experiences and developing an acute awareness of the mind-body-spirit connection, Ms. Justice set off with newfound purpose toward a divine path of sacred and intentional healing. As a devoted "Earth School" student, Jane spent years exploring various healing modalities, releasing limiting beliefs, and uncovering her own innate superpowers. She has been certified by Mike Dooley as an Infinite Possibilities trainer, and by Doreen Virtue as an Assertiveness Coach.


The Divine Fox

THE DIVINE FOX (TRACY FOX) is a vocal sound healer and reiki practitioner. daytime only.

Tracy Fox is a talented and compassionate healer serving Chicago for over 7 years. She is a reiki master teacher and classically trained singer. The past 5 years have been spent developing a healing modality which combines her passion for voice and energy work called song healing.




Reiki energy healing. Cleanse your energy field with this traditional, divine modality. Relieves anxiety/stress and removes energetic blocks in the body. Evening only.





The Cultured Vegan

TRADITIONAL ETHNIC DINING WITH A HEALTH CONSCIOUS TWIST. Plant-Based Cuisine, desserts and smoothies. 



Intuitive essence

Cosmic fragrance, Natural skincare, Healing blends.


frederick of hippywoods

Original Design Tee Shirts and Ethnic Clothing.



Candles, incense, sage, handmade goods, and various metaphysical items.

bliss condition

Handmade and hand-selected accessories and clothing.

c art.jpg


Abstract Paintings and Meditation Journal.


Creation in love

Sacred Jewelry (one of a kind, handmade crystal jewelry, infused with love and Reiki: gemstone knotted mala beads, wire wrapped pendants, boho necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more) & Clothing/ Accessories (yoga/festival/boutique style - sale at the fest).