Tribal Stomp Chicago
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Winter Tribal Stomp 2019

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Return of the Goddess!: a bellydance extravaganza!

Our first event for 2019.

Saturday February 2nd


Featuring Phaedra Darwish and her new band Jins and Tonic, performing Arabic music and dance!

Also a new feature of Tribal Stomp, the bellydance showcase!
This will feature dancers performing their own routines to recorded music. Our theme this event will be Goddesses! And our dancers for will be:
and Siréne De Paradis

With a Middle-Eastern tinged drum jam, and our usual array of top notch healers, readers, and vendors! Including delicious Middle Eastern food!

$20 adv/$25 at the door

Tickets available here.

to volunteer, Click here.

Tribal Stomp is an all ages, alcohol-free event.

Doors open at 6pm. 

7pm - Drum circle
8:30 - Showcase
9:30 - Jins and Tonic featuring Phaedra Darwish



Phaedra darwish

Having a more traditional background in instrumental/vocal music, musical theatre, and dance styles of the West, Phaedra Darwish fell into belly dance after moving to Chicago, and she was mesmerized by it. She has been fortunate to study under some of the world's masters of oriental dance, and now Phaedra regularly performs and teaches classes and workshops in Chicago and the midwest, hoping to spread enthusiasm and respect for Middle Eastern dance as more and more people get acquainted with its health benefits and enchanted by its beauty.


Jins and tonic

Jins and Tonic is an Arabic music group from Chicago, playing folk music from the Levant as well as bellydance classics. Comprised of Phaedra Darwish (dance and vocals), Alejandro Farha (oud), Khaled Shalash (violin), and Nedal Hamdan (tabla). They have played in various Arabic ensembles both together and separately throughout the city, and this is their first venture as a group.



Kamrah is Chicago’s first trans masculine belly dancer. They have been dancing since 2001, and have traveled all over the country to teach and perform in multiple styles of belly dance. They currently teach at Arabesque Studios.



Viktoria started dancing Russian Gypsy (Ruska Roma) at the age of 3 and was subsequently educated in classical dance forms. Upon coming to the U.S. from Kiev, she discovered belly dance and other dances, including Indian Gypsy, Spanish Gypsy, Argentine Tango and others. She uses this broad dance vocabulary to translate the magic of music into movement.



Natika brings her innovative new fusion of bellydance with other styles alive, creating a new twist with an urban and edgy flavor. Natika's "Tribal Fusion Belly Dance" blends Popping, Hip Hop, Breakdance, Egyptian and Cabaret Bellydance, as well as traditional forms including Flamenco, Kathak, Bhangra, Balinese and other folkloric dance styles. Originally from Russia, she learned Tribal style in California, now brings it to Illinois. From Russia with love... From California with warmth...


Sirène De Paradis (Diane Berrios) is a international performing artist/educator born and raised in Chicago, IL. For the past 17 years, her passion stemming from her Afro/Latin Caribbean dance roots paved a unique path of performance and education with travels throughout the North, Central, South America and the Caribbean. Her cultural depiction through performing arts, workshops and costume design is showcased through her label, Chi-Caribena Designs.



Jasmina is an enchanting Fusion belly dancer from Romania. Her style is heavily influenced by ancient mythology, mysticism, and the occult. The Goddess archetype is pervasive in her performances as she channels and explores the sacred feminine through movement.

Healers and artists


Es Seniya (esther kovacs)

es Seniya is a self-taught artist living in Chicago. Previously confining her work to “sketch journals” and home murals for about 15 years, she started showing her work at exhibits and art shows around Chicago in 2015.  Concepts more so than style drive the way that she produces art though she gravitates to producing works of abstract surrealism with folk and mystic art elements. Her work demonstrates the raw beauty and struggles of human life and explores the intersection of the multiple layers of individual and communal realities. Hungarian by nationality, she grew up in the Boston area and lived in Ghana, Denmark, India, and Thailand before moving to Chicago. Her experiences living in these countries find a place as personal stories expressed in her artwork. As a self-taught artist, she likes to utilize mediums that she considers more accessible, such as wood, drywall, mirror, and ceramic.  She works with mixed media, including incorporating wood burning into her pieces.


Liz Medrano Shiatsu therapy

I've been practicing Shiatsu for almost 4 years now. Helping people find balance and heal their minds and bodies is my passion in life. Shiatsu is a Japanese form of bodywork combining the knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine, acupressure and light stretching to help alleviate muscular and energetic stagnation in the body.


Shera Speaks (Bhairavi shera)

Bhairavi Shera is an intuitive psychic with a background in communication sciences and disorders. She has worked in the clinical setting with communication disorders for 13+ years and has merged traditional education with mysticism and metaphysics. Also having a strong foundation in spirituality and discipline, Bhairavi Shera is a guide to your own inner awakening. She teaches you to develop one of your innate superpowers -- communication -- to manifest magic in your life! Her methods support self-awareness, compassionate understanding, and achievement of personal goals. After sessions, clients leave feeling more empowered, balanced and realigned to their purpose! Bhairavi Shera is also a transformational coach, holistic plant-based nutritionist, yoga teacher and bodyworker. Be sure to stop by her healing space for your attunement to harness your communication supwerpower and be spiraled into new timelines of growth and success!


The Elven Witch

I have been reading Tarot for over 15 years and have only in the last few been offering readings to the public. After receiving my final Reiki attunement in 2015 I began flowing Reiki through the cards while doing readings for more intuitive guidance from Spirit. It is my passion to help people gain deeper understanding of life situations and lessons so they are able to ascend to the next level on their individual paths and we can rise as a collective.



think unique jewelry

Beautiful raw crystal & stone healing jewelry, as well as meditation tools and raw crystals for your home or special space. All handmade by one local Chicago woman with love and positive energies., @ThinkUniqueJewelry (Instagram)


Crafty Familiar


Apothecary, Witchcraft Tools, Smudging Essentials, and Witchy Wearables!


Bliss condition


Handmade and curated clothing and accessories.


anva conscious creation

An array of psycho-spiritual cosmetics & adornments, all handcrafted by Shaman ANVA.
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